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Medium Readings

Tuesday January 15th, 2018     12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Purple Door, 38 Ainslie Sreet North, Unit 101, Cambridge, ON

Connecting to spirit to bring the messages that you need. These messages often bring resolution to worry or uncertainty. Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, the beauty of spirit is you don't always know but it will be what you need.

Offering 30 min ($50) and 60 min ($100) readings.

Prebook if you want to be certain of a time slot. Email Janice at or call 519-831-2780

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Events Schedule


Janice will schedule private readings for individuals or groups as well as appearing at events.

To book an appointment, please call or text Janice at 519-831-2780 519-831-2780 or send an email to

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