About Janice Moffat, Medium


Connecting to Spirit to bring the messages that you need.

Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, the beauty of spirit is you don’t always know but it will be what you need!

After deciding that this gift should be shared. Janice has been doing readings for several years, based out of Guelph, Ontario. Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, she brings messages that you need to hear from the person you need to hear from. Messages come through in many different ways including empathetic transference of symptoms, sound, sight, smell and psychometry, and tarot. Sometimes it is a song, sometimes a smell or an image. Messages are given with respect and compassion. Questions are always welcome, answers will be given or found if possible.

Janice also can connect with those who have Dementia and Alzheimer’s, the spirit of those who live with these conditions are more gone than here and Janice has found that she is able to communicate with and bring messages from the true spirit of these loved ones.

Individual and group readings are available, individual readings are available in person or by phone or Skype. Group readings can be private or public. You can gather 6-15 people in your home for a private group reading. Janice is also available for and does larger public events available, often based on a charity fund raiser. If you have an event that you think might be compatible, please reach out and have a discussion.

It is a constantly changing relationship with spirit that continues to grow, but ultimately it is about helping to connect you to those in spirit – bringing the messages you need to hear from the ones you need to hear from.

My Why

We have moments in our life that happen and create an impact in a way we don’t always understand, and it is reflection that often brings clarity. When challenged as to why I do what I do, the simple version is because I have this gift and I can help others. The truth is it goes much deeper than that, leading back to a couple significant events in my childhood. At around 4 years I have a memory of us moving in with my grandparents and staying there for a period of time that I don’t have a real reference on. I do remember we moved back to our own house eventually. What I didn’t know until much later in life was that we were there because my grandmother had cancer and we moved back home after she had died. I understand that telling a 4-year-old this might have been hard but didn’t know for many years why I didn’t see her anymore. Then one day when I was 5, my 10-year-old cousin didn’t come home from school. There were search parties and I remember the chaos and high emotions of that day; it is still so very clear. I don’t recall ever being told that she wasn’t coming back, that she was abducted, and that we would never see her again. While now as an adult it makes sense to me why things are not said to someone so young, I also see that these 2 incidents left an impression on me in a way I didn’t recognize until the last few years. There was a lot of innocence lost without fully understanding the reasons. The unfinished story can do this.

Having the ability to connect to spirit was something that I never heard anyone talk about…Ever!  I remember as a teen thinking that I was one word from being sent away and locked up for being mentally ill, so I remained silent. Hiding who I was and what was going on became easy, or so I thought. I set about doing things the way I imagined was expected of me, and this was the platform for many of my decisions in life. I went to school to learn accounting and then hated it, so spent most of my career in the logistics industry, doing work that provided me with a decent wage but minimal joy.

In 2012, when I turned 50, I didn’t have a “midlife crisis”, but I did start to challenge my purpose, and the quest for something bigger and better began. Being a Medium was not something I really talked about for the first 50 years of my life. In 2013, my father became ill, and 7 weeks later he passed. I had flown up north to see him, and he seemed to be better than on the previous visit, but as I prepared to fly home, I knew that was the last time I would see my father.
One week later, he was gone. This was the moment that lit a light that I needed to pursue. Healing is a process; I can shine light on the path so the process can begin.

This is my why •••

I am blessed and humbled to be the conduit to bring light to the sometimes and sometimes the story has an unfinished ending.

Sometimes we can’t make sense of the why.

Sometimes we need to know if it worked out the way it was meant to.

Sometimes we just need to know they are okay.

Sometimes we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

Sometimes we don’t know if we did enough, said enough, loved enough.

Sometimes we just miss them.

Contact me for more information


Phone/Text: 519-831-2780

Location: Guelph, Ontario

eMail: jmmoff@msn.com



Phone/Text: 519-831-2780
Location: Guelph, Ontario
eMail: jmmoff@msn.com