About Janice Moffat, Medium

Connecting to Spirit to bring the messages that you need.

Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, the beauty of spirit is you don’t always know but it will be what you need!

After deciding that this gift should be shared. Janice has been doing readings for several years, based out of Guelph, Ontario. Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears, she brings messages that you need to hear from the person you need to hear from. Messages come through in many different ways including empathetic transference of symptoms, sound, sight, smell and psychometry, and tarot. Sometimes it is a song, sometimes a smell or an image. Messages are given with respect and compassion. Questions are always welcome, answers will be given or found if possible.

Janice also can connect with those who have Dementia and Alzheimer’s, the spirit of those who live with these conditions are more gone than here and Janice has found that she is able to communicate with and bring messages from the true spirit of these loved ones.

Individual and group readings are available, individual readings are available in person or by phone or Skype. Group readings can be private or public. You can gather 6-15 people in your home for a private group reading. Janice is also available for and does larger public events available, often based on a charity fund raiser. If you have an event that you think might be compatible, please reach out and have a discussion.

It is a constantly changing relationship with spirit that continues to grow, but ultimately it is about helping to connect you to those in spirit – bringing the messages you need to hear from the ones you need to hear from.

Please click the image below to read Janice’s “Why” statement and to find out more about her journey as a medium.


  • One on One Readings
    60 minute medium readings
  • Group Setting – Private Readings
    Get 6 to 10 friends together and you each get a 30 minute private reading.
    **minimum prices in effect
  • Group Readings – Private Home
    Varies based on group location**
    In a true group setting, messages are delivered as they come from Spirit.
    This lasts 2 -21/2 hours depending on your group size.
    Gather a group of friends or family 6-15. **minimum prices applicable
  • Group Readings Public
    Available for larger group settings and done in a public forum.
    Pricing is dependent upon the event. Save
  • Home Cleansing / Clearing
    If you feel like there are stagnant energies lingering in your home, they can be moved and cleared out. Filling your home with light and positive energy depends on the size of the space and time required.
  • Meditation
    Available for private coaching or leading group meditations. Children’s meditation classes are also available.
  • Workshops
    More information is coming soon

Our Services

Individual & Group Readings

Tarot Readings


Home Cleansing



Phone/Text: 519-831-2780
Location: Guelph, Ontario
eMail: [email protected]



Phone/Text: 519-831-2780
Location: Guelph, Ontario
eMail: [email protected]