Mercury Retrograde (MR for short)

You might be hearing this a lot today and over the next few weeks.  It will be blamed for bad decisions and unpleasant experiences, every failure to complete, begin, achieve…. So, what is the MR thing?

Several times a year you will hear of planets going into retrograde, this has to do with the orbit of the planets and in certain positions they will appear to be travelling backwards.   There is thought that during these times we are bound to have negative experiences and that we should avoid signing contracts or travelling. MR will carry the weight of blame for bad moods, poor sleep, illness, and lack of positivity, struggles with electronics and miscommunication.

For me MR tends to be a time of greater awareness, that intuition seems to be heightened and it helps bring me clarity on what needs to go.  I have experienced troubles with electronics more noticeably during MR, but I think in perspective this is just because we might focus on it more…. because what you focus on grows.


Many people are affected by MR, I won’t deny this, but I do wonder how much is created by their own thoughts around MR.  With that in mind take time to make sure your communications are clear and understood the way you meant for them to be.  Do read over any paperwork you might have to sign; it is just good practice but if someone who prepared it is influenced by MR they could inadvertently make errors.  Have patience with others, allow extra time so you are not frustrated by minor delays.  If the electronics are challenging you then maybe it is a good reason to unplug for a couple hours (or days).

Take the time to look at what you are maybe still working on that is not working for you!  We sometimes just need to give up something to feel better, MR is a good reason to review what we are spending our time at.  Take a pause, take a step back, take a break, take a look and let this be a time that works in your favour while others are hiding out.  Be aware and break free!