In the later part of 2018 I began taking steps to update my Website because is really was feeling a pull to start writing a blog.  Now I had no idea what was involved in that or what I was meant to write about but it was just being presented to me over and over in meditation. So, in 2019 I paid to have my website updated and I was going to go.  But Every time I would think I need to start fear would kick me back out.  Who, what, why when and what if I run out of things to say….?  which if you know me has never happened.  So here today on 02022020 I am going to begin, my hope is to share what comes to me/ or through me and if you even take a moment to ponder then then I am okay with that.    Today is Groundhog Day here in Canada, I know they also have this in the US but honestly, I am unsure of other parts of the world.  It comes at the half way point of winter and basically if the groundhog emerges from his burrow and sees his shadow, he is scared and returns and that means 6 more weeks of winter.  If he doesn’t see his shadow then he remains outside and this indicates we will see spring in just 6 weeks.   I love this day because it really is a reminder that good things are ahead.  It is not that we believe that a groundhog can predict weather.  It is to add some lighthearted fun to an often dull and dreary time of the year.

What came to mind this morning was about love.  We are heading towards the most commercialized day of the year, where people feel they must spend money (whether they have it or not).  That if you are not in a romantic partnership you are less than others.  I want to make everyday a love day.  It seems to me that love comes in many forms but there is the love we have for friends, pets, and family members and then there is romantic love that where often say we are in love.  Why are we so unlikely to tell someone we love them?  I can love you, or what you did, or what you said or what you are wearing or what you created and I can express it.  Who and what I love is completely up to me, and I have no say over who and what you love?  We don’t have to love the same things…. right imagine that…. love your avocadoes but don’t shame me because I don’t love them.    I think it is time to drop the crap and tell people when you love them, or what they did or how they made you feel.  And I think it is time we let people have their own feelings and we don’t judge or criticize them for different opinions and points of view.  What if today we write love letters to the people who matter in our lives, no matter their role.  Tell them what makes them special to us.  I am gonna start and my goal is to let someone know every day something I Love.  With no expectation of reciprocation.  But let’s see if love grows.

Well if you made it to here then thank you for hanging in on my first blog post.  It is my desire to share my thoughts with you regularly in an unplanned way, (have a chuckle there). There is a lot of planning going on in my world for some exciting events that will be rolled out in the near future.  I love this life.