A key element to developing intuition is allowing yourself to trust and being open.

Mediation can help move you towards a more open state that allows trust.

Come for an evening that is sure to charge up your intuition. The evening starts with 2 parts a session with Lucia Light and a guided meditation.

Lucia Light Meditation is an awesome experience where you are immersed in light and sound in a way that takes you to a meditative state almost instantly. This altered state of consciousness is called Hypnagogia and is well documented as a liminal dreamlike state in which you are fully conscious and can assist in unlocking creativity and intuition.

From there we will move into exercises that further flex the intuitive muscles led by Janice

Jamison from Lucia Lighthouse Toronto and Janice from Holy Crow Connections are teaming up to offer this unique experience. It is sure to be an amazing night.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring an open mind .

The participation will be limited to 8.

Your investment is  $80 per person.
Purchase through the website by using the link above or etransfer to jmmoff@msn.com