My husband and I had a reading with Janice and she quickly and respectfully connected to our daughter who had passed away two years prior. Janice delivered messages from her and others in spirit that still comfort us today. She was compassionate and a great listener. She took the time to comfort us with the loving and wise words from spirit. She has helped us in our journey to move forward with our healing and put a smile on our faces and in our hearts as well. We know our daughter is always with us. Janice gives great hugs too .
Always grateful,

Mark & Tammy

I have had a private reading with Janice and a group reading. Both are amazing! I am in awe of her. She has a wonderful gift that she shares with us. Please get in touch with her to experience something extraordinary.

Lori, Guelph ON

In my very first session with Janice, spirit said “Beware of the man in the black truck”. Days later, I narrowly avoided a nasty collision with….a black pick up truck. Because I had already been warned – I was ready and calmly took evasive action to avoid the accident. Shortly after that, a very dear, special and much beloved person in my life narrowly avoided a nasty collision with…. a black pick up truck.


The first time I had a reading with Janice she was using her clear tarot cards at the 9th vibration. I was feeling very down and confused that day and went there looking for some answers. She was able to give me the answers I needed. The reading was extremely accurate and opened my eyes to some things I had not considered as well.

The part that I notice and enjoy the most with Janice’s readings is that she truly is a messenger and keeps her own opinions and thoughts out of the readings. She does not try to push you one way or the other. She simply delivers the message and if it’s not necessarily the news you want to hear, she will remind you that you have free will and are able to make your own choices and does not try to steer you in a direction. I am sure it’s not easy for her to be that way especially being a healer who wants the best for you but it is greatly appreciated and only adds to the comfort of her readings.

I am interested in learning how to open up myself and I have asked Janice to teach me. I have asked her to teach me because of her accuracy and the way that she delivers the messages and stays neutral. That is the type of reader I would like to be whether I do it as a career or for my own personal reasons.

I highly recommend going to Janice for either a reading or lessons in opening up yourself.

JD, Guelph ON

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