The empowered Empath Sat Aug 28 2021 9am to 5 pm


Reclaim Your Power is a 5 hour workshop designed to help you shift from being dis-empowered to being in power.
In this crazy world we live in, it can be easy to give to others first, put ourselves last, and even disengage with the world around us, as we are bombarded with information, feelings, opinions and more. However, when we are able to stand empowered in our feelings and within ourselves, we are able to create changes within our own lives and the lives of others.
This workshop is designed with the Empath in mind, however, it is open to all personality types who are wanting to reclaim their power, and wanting to create some major changes within themselves and their world.
Join Janice Moffat and Catherine Graham as they bring you a day of learning, growing and empowering yourself as you learn to reclaim your power in a crazy world, and stand in your authenticity.
During this workshop you will:
Learn grounding, protecting and bubbling
Learn how to hold your empathic traits without dis-empowering yourself
How to speak your truth
Cord cutting
Understand the light and dark of the Empath and how to use both to your benefit
How to listen to your body
Learn about tools to help you stand empowered while being sensitive
Saturday August 28th 9 am to 2pm
The workshop will take place via Zoom and a link will be provided after paid registration.
Investment: $77.00 ( total with GST is $87)


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